Milena Praprotnik

When I was twelve I realized I was scared of heights and figured I had to do something about it. At the end of my high school days, I saw an ad for a sportclimbing class at my school’s bulletin board and was one of the first to apply. 🙂 I’ve been climbing ever since and quite often I’m still scared, but my fear is overpowered by the burning desire for sports and nature, which has only grown through the years and eventually spread to other sports, such as yoga, windsurfing, and mountain biking. My work has also always been connected with sports, as I sell climbing walls and teach yoga. A few years ago my friend Zach encouraged me to make my first lotion bar. I took it on trips and used it for all the sports I did, perfecting it until I was thoroughly satisfied. Today I can share it with you.

I'm an officially qualified sportclimbing and alpinism instructor. Yoga: RYT 300 and RYT 200 yoga teacher.


Miha Praprotnik

He started visiting caves with his father at age eight. When he was thirteen he started discovering deeper and harder caves with dad’s experienced friends. At fifteen he found alpinism which consumed his life for the next fifteen years. At thirty he found new challenges in the business world and his wife Milena. He became a partner at a climbing walls company where he was just as successful as he’d previously been in alpinism. After a little less than fifteen years, he sold his share in the company, eager to discover new interesting challenges. His lifestyle had always been closely linked to climbing, but now he added yoga to the mix. As an active alpinist, he quickly realized the importance of mental stability, focus, and a balance of strength and flexibility, which is exactly what yoga teaches a person. Soon after he also got into meditation and it was his meditation teacher who got him excited about windsurfing, which quickly turned into a passion. His lifestyle has always been full of traveling to places all over the world and he’s always had a deep appreciation of nature.

In 2017 he suggested to wife Milena that she should take her lotion bar ONE 4 ALL, to the next level, acquire all the required certificates and turn it into a business. He helped her throughout the whole process and was instrumental in completing all the paperwork and dealing with the bureaucracy.

He’s an officially qualified sport climbing and alpinism instructor. Yoga: RYT 300 and RYT 200 yoga teacher.

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