I was born in Koper and spent my childhood and teenage years in Piran, the nicest seaside town you could imagine. After studying dentistry in Ljubljana I was given the opportunity to earn my master’s degree and do my postgraduate training at King’s College in London, a challenge which I accepted with gratitude and a considerable amount of fear, I must admit. So in 2009 my wife Jana and I moved to London.

Studying and living in London gave me more than just knowledge. Living in a chaotic and multicultural city expanded my horizons and filled me with optimism I hadn’t been used to back home. Nevertheless, after three years in the British capital,my wife and I decided to return to Slovenia. We’d moved to London for knowledge and experiences, not to find a better life. But I liked the city and still return there once a month to lecture on orthodontics.

As a perfectionist and an admirer of aesthetics I was thrilled to open, with the help of my wife Jana and several architects, a modern orthodontic center Orto mg, where patients’ wellbeing comes first. The center is located in Postojna and opened its doors in 2016.

Family and dentistry come first, but I also like to pursue various sports, which help me relax after long hours of work. First up is tennis which has been a part of my life since early childhood. Training and tournaments at home and abroad have required considerable sacrifices, but they also taught me self-discipline and determination. Despite growing up on the Slovenian coast, I had, for the most part, ignored the sea. It first caught my interest in my twenties when I took up windsurfing. Everyone who’s tried it would probably agree that the power of the wind and the freedom you experience are utterly compelling. The season, however, is quite short, and the wind is often too light, in which case mountain biking is my preferred choice. In wintertime,I also like to ski, especially if the snow is fresh and fluffy.

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