My name is Ena Vrbek.
Coming from central Croatia, I'm motivated and communicative person. My passions are caving, skiing and climbing. I was first introduced to the world of mountaineering through caving, as both of my parents are passionate cavers. This allowed me to develop my adventures spirit and gave me the experience of committing through expeditions quite early at the age of 13. Some of the most memorable achievements was being part of Croatian national climbing and caving team, that enriched me as a caracter I am today:

• First Croatian female expedition Mt. Everest (8848m- summit) in year 2009
• Croatian expedition Aconcagua (6962m- summit) in year 2011
• French ski expedition Passu II (6824m- summit) in year 2014
• Croatian female climbing expedition“-Cho Oyu-performed the first Croatian female ski descend in Himalaya –(Nangpa La, north ridge 6200m) in year 2007
• Performed the descent into the deepest cave of Croatia and South-Eastern Europe (Lukina jama the depth - 1421m)
• Performed the descent into the cave with the deepest underground vertical drop in the world (Velebita the depth 1036m)

• Three times first place at the event of national ski freeride competition.
• First place at the national Telemark competition in Croatian team
• First and second place at the national ski competition of Croatian mountain rescue service

My wish is to promote and encourage the interest for these inspiring activities. I am always looking forward to experience new mental and physical challenge of learning something different. For me, the atmosphere at achieving projects is most important. Realizing your personal goals can be both hard and rewarding. One of most important impressions is the memory of smiling partners and unforgettable atmosphere that connect us.

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